My Beginning

Waaaayy back at the end of March I started my travels in Japan (and I'm only now just posting about it). March 28, 2017 around 9 pm I officially arrived in Nagoya, Japan as an English teacher for ECC, after a 15 hr flight from Newark to Hong Kong and an 11 hr layover then another ~5 hr flight to Japan (which was death and I would never want to do again). As soon as I arrived in Nagoya I set off for the bathroom and met the one thing I was hoping to never encounter.. a squat toilet. I let countless people in front of me while waiting for a Western style toilet because I was not prepared to squat for my first bathroom experience in Japan haha. Then after waiting over 40 mins to get through Japanese immigration I had to pick up my luggage. Luckily for me the Japanese staff had it ready and were waiting for me on the other side of immigration. The lady was slightly judgmental because she couldn't believe that I would be bringing 2 huge suitcases with me (she didn't know I was going to be living here I guess haha); she kept saying "Are both of these really yours??". Then when going through customs the guy asked if I knew some random white girl 2 areas over.. I said that I didn't know her. He then proceeded to ask if we were friends.. like no Japan, all white people don't know each other nor are we all friends. So then came the fun part.. trying to talk to a worker to get my bags delivered. My zero Japanese and their zero English made it a fun experience, but we somehow got it to work.

Then I had a bit of trouble trying to buy a train ticket, but with a little help from some nice foreigners who were on the flight as well I was able to get one. The hard part was trying to figure out where to go and which train to take so I asked a station worker and they kindly pointed me in the right direction. While waiting for the train I somehow began talking (barely) to an older gentleman and he asked where I was going and I told him Kanayama. When we got on the train we sat in separate areas. His stop was before mine but he let me know that my stop was 2 more after his, I guess he could tell I was nervous, which I appreciated. I finally arrived in Kanayama late at night, found my way to my housing just 2 blocks from the station and crashed hard that night because I was running off about 10 hours of sleep over 2 days.

And this is where my journey begins..